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Why... why nude?!

Because I feel like it and because I can. That would be the short answer. The long answer requires interest and the ability to read from your side.

We are all wearing masks, we are encouraged to hide and play a character. But in front of nature... or in front of God, if you prefer, we are all the same: Carbon-based beings full of insecurities and physical imperfection. Struggling to hide under make-up what we do not want others to see. Struggling to edit digitally what nature did not give up. Or took it away. Struggling to get that Like. By the way, have you realized that according to several studies, at least 69% of the young, beautiful people get old? And even more than 69% die?

We might as well enjoy this beautiful, raw material called the body in some other ways maybe. How about creating art with it? Despite the huge modifications models can receive (on a computer or not), they are fragile human beings, delicate. Mortals. Sooner or later they will all go down (and not on you). This is one of the main reasons I do this. Enough body shaming, enough shaming in the first place. I use nudity to convey hidden message. To provoke, to stir. To shock. To make food for your thoughts. To show that despite everything the Woman is still the only thing (not in the "object" sense) that can make an abandoned ruin interesting for the uninterested. Or a car to be sold. Or a product to be bought more often. Or some pathetic kitsch to become interesting. Admit it. You all clicked my stories because you saw one of my beautiful muses and thought "Dang it, this guy does it again, the fucking pervert" while using the other hand to... scratch your head in disapproval. But when it comes to showing appreciation... not so much. Because that is what you are. Curious perverts. And it's OK! We need fat losers too. That's what I give the world, more of what it needs. Plus some more meaning.

I do not do nude / boudoir photography just for the sake it. I do not take take their clothes off like other studio photographers. If I do so there is a concept. A character. A way of looking at it (positive or negative). Or at least some crazy location which really really needed the energy and beauty of a young female in order to become a little magic. Despite the jealous, tiny little men, the conservative, the brainwashed and the sexists, this is not porn. It is not videochat. It is not even erotic many times.

It is EMPOWERMENT. It is liberating. Nude is sincerity, authenticity, individuality. It is the embodiment of the confident woman, freeing herself from the judgment of the society and the ancient norms. Nude depictions are as old as the world and we have to accept that already. It is also a form of therapy.

Women are still the most powerful beings in the Universe. At the end of the day, if the lady is happy, the Earth still goes around.

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