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Who dis?

I am a boudoir, nude and celebrity photographer with an unusual side. I am not your ordinary Joe doing the same studio poses over and over while controlling 10 types of light. I am not the Photoshop "master" who destroys the skin texture of the model to make it look like Barbie. I am not a technical expert. I am not a Photoshop guru either. But I am a visionary. When I see someone, I get a glimpse of their Universe. Where would they fit? Is there a character suitable for them? An unusual location? Can they carry out a message to the world from me? Can they tell a story just by looking into the camera? This is the type of Art I do. Always making sure to put into the light the very best of People. Always doing the extra mile to make sure they feel they are contributing to something more than a social media pic.

I am the first Romanian photographer to shoot nude in a train and the subway (metro). I am always trying to up my game and come up with even more unusual ideas, concepts or places. Because the ordinary, as needed as beautiful as it can be sometimes, can only take you so far. 

I have been blessed with working with beautiful and inspiring people. From nude models to great Romanian artists, such as Ami, Killa Fonic and Sickotoy. Gradually I received the appreciation of people from outside as well, being published for the first time in an international boudoir magazine during the pandemic. CoVid-19 has taught me how to live better, how to appreciate more what I have and I am so grateful of all the models that have lend their trust to me. To everyone who stood in front of my lens, hats off. You are a part of me and my work.

Now let's hear about your beautiful, crazy and creative project so contact me below!

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