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Denisa - The Maid

I am not dead. In fact, I am more alive than ever. Circumstances beyond my reach (laziness) made me not post as much as before. However, I would like to share something about Denisa, or the Maid. The most special connection I had with someone (at that time, at least). I really envisioned someone strong enough to carry me through a series of feelings, quite human, but other-worldly at the same time. I am a huge mark (fan) for Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows. I knew I would keep on doing several projects based upon her music. But I wanted, as a fan of 8mm films, to recreate a silent movie project in a teahouse.

Denisa is very versatile, she is the kind of lady that can surprise when you least expect it. I needed to give a tribute to the old silent movies, while putting over a special lady on top a villain which I portrayed myself while wearing a dumb reindeer pullover I received as a gift. Chaya Teahouse is a beautiful, cozy, intimate place, where I invited several of my dates, while enjoying a great book myself. This is where I decided Denisa would fit it. I would like to thank Carla (my muse) for helping us. Here are some photos we took. The video we did can be found in the video section.

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