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Black Eve

I always wanted to shoot a project with a model from Africa. I strongly believe in transcending the skin color. The race. The continents. Because nude is what we are, beneath all our masks, beliefs, politics, religion and so on. We are born nude, full of blood, as gods with genitals and anuses, which turn into a delight once fully developed.

I managed to get some snakes for our beloved Mimi (our model from Camerun), while Carla (again Carla... I love you) helped us paint an apple white. The purpose behind this project was to create a reversed Eve. Not only Eve is going to be portrayed as a black girl, but the apple she was going to eat was white, as a symbol of purity and transcendence. Let me tell you something: the snake is an amazing creature.... too complex to comprehend as an ordinary human being.

Mimi had some difficulties taming the snake. As did Eve. But once she did, she had the first experience of this kind. Just like Carla. The snakes we had crawling all over us were majestic creatures and they reminded us of the slippery nature of humans. What do you prefer, getting fucked by your friends or bitten by a snake? Yeah, I thought so. I tried the Burmese Python myself, around my neck. That thing would not stop trying to choke me, but I realized it was simply because it needed some support while being in the air. It was the most financially ambitious project I ever made.

This project showed who I am. What I am willing to do. Me and my beautiful angels, we are more creative than you. More committed than most photographers. I was feeling bad for Mimi being scared by the crawling creature. But the motion of the beast was so fascinating.... you cannot describe it until you touch the snake. It is like holding a penis in your hand(pretty much all of you daughters of Eve know what it feels like). Amazing day, amazing team. I will share here the photos of the session. Thank you very much for your support.

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