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Back then, I was heavily influenced by Pullitzer prize winner Ernest Becker and his celebrated work "The Denial of Death". The idea and the theme are fascinating and promising, even though the delivery fails in the end...

He is trying to convert faux science into a sort of a religion, while affirming that every single thing (including this website) humans do is an immortality project. We are running away from our deaths by constantly feeding our illusions with temporary dopamine generators and deluded acceptance behaviors. Only the genius seems to somehow accept his own demise in front of Death, while Becker also condemns or mortifies the idea of sex as being yet another god project, with everything not missionary considered a perversion.

Without going into a summary of the book, let's just say the idea of the helpless individual with open eyes, pitted against a bad society has attracted me a lot and Ema has been perfect for this. An impromptu session created on Halloween with location rented in less than two minutes once she decided to do it.

This lady is in an Asylum. In a wheelchair. #TheySeeMeRollinTheyHating. She is rolling better than normies, even though she is in pain. This is the second project shot with my new Fujifilm XT-4. Also it was the first project when I had a voice actor. I will leave the cinematic video for the end of this post.

Ema has proven herself to have great flexibility and expressivity... her Eye certainly adds to the horror of the scene. When she told me the story of her eye it sent shivers down my spine. It was unexpected yet perfect at the same time. She is a very tough lady. And she loved every minute of what she did.

Nothing beats hearing that you offered someone one the best photo experience to date. The video can be found here:

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