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Why Most Photographers are a Joke

Please take a look at the following images: all of them are taken from Pinterest. They do not belong to any Romanian photographer and are not taken of anyone's Instagram account in order to be neutral. They are from Google Images. Have a good look at them. 4 are enough, trust me.

What do you see? What is the message or the idea behind them? Exactly. Nothing. And this is precisely why most photographers are a joke. Especially men. I understand if they just do fashion photography. Then no need for discussion. It's aesthetic, the girls look good, the light is right and the retouching of the skin is done greatly as well. But that is where it ends. The moment you call yourself an artist we have a problem. Because this is not art.

98% of the guys on Instagram are guilty of the very same copy-paste mechanism. They bring a girl to a boring location, place her on a lame couch or in front of a wall / studio background and shoot. Bam. Every. Single. Time. Really? What is the difference between that girl and the other 700,000,000 Google images I see from the very same angle? None. If you call this art, then you must be one of those imbeciles who buy a banana taped to a wall for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most intellectual people are sick and tired of seeing the very same generic images over and over again.

Let's say I am a patron of arts willing to buy the best photograph as a painting for a huge sum of money. When I look at your naked chick (sorry, muse), I ask myself the following questions: Who or what is she? Why is she nude? What is the location you have selected? What is the relationship between the model and that location (or, why is she in a train / subway / wheelchair / Eden / church / a washing machine etc?) ? Why is she wearing those particular accessories? Why is she body-painted (when that is the case)? Why is she posing like that? What is the concept (look in the dictionary what concept means before doing your workshops, you ignoramus)? What is the message she sends to the world via the artist behind the camera? Are there multiple layers of interpretation? If you are unable to answer me at least one or two questions of this list then you do not deserve to be in this field. Your place is on Pornhub. It's free, you don't have to pay the models.

Even models are limiting themselves to only appreciate stuff like the light and Photoshop (skin retouching). Uhm, really? That is pretty much what every good photographer does. If you go into a restaurant, do you give them a 5 star rating for having fresh food? Sister, of course it has to be fresh, otherwise you risk your life by food poisoning and they get their asses sued. You don't go saying that a hotel is great because it was warm water, right? All working hotels SHOULD have warm water. But what else? What about the room, the concept, the atmosphere, the professionalism, the decorations etc?

There is a reason why boudoir and nude photographers have such a bad reputation (for those who don't know exactly what this art is). There are many reasons and I will not talk about them here except for one. It's because they have no imagination. No creativity. No genius. They take photos the same way they fuck, boring the lady to death. Some models are also guilty of encouraging this type of non-art. It is a vicious circle. They are happy to receive money or gain exposure. At the expense of art, of course. Why would photographers improve their craft? Why should they evolve? The society is already at a peak of appreciating art. Why have a DaVinci of photography, or a Dali when we have studio boudoir photography? Why come up with themes... why putting snakes on a girl and reversing the Eve story, or generating CGI effects to integrate them into a fantasy 3D world, rent a train or a subway, creating subliminal messages with all kinds of undertones when we can have Kim Fucking Kardashian bent over in a workshop where 10 other horny boys with a mirrorless and a blitz shoot from the same angle, right?

It's like music. Why listen to classical music, or complex metal compositions, when we have all the autotuned crap? This is the problem. Art should be able to sustain itself. Just like the evolution of advanced organisms, good art should be able to survive, adapt and evolve. Without the need for cash. But great artists are usually not promoted. I mean, who wants to think when they see a photo? Guys don't want to think when they see a naked girl! They want to masturbate. It is difficult to masturbate when the girl is in a wheelchair and pretending to be suffering from psychosis after she rejected society. Or when the girl is sending a message about the pain of animals at the Zoo. Why think when you can fap? Same goes for girls. "Wow, this shiny light makes my ass look wild. And this one makes my breasts so 3D. Oh yeah, and this is the guy who wanted me to wear clocks so that no matter how much time passes by and the clocks melt (Dali anyone?) the feminine remains eternal; damn, what a geek, I am not even going to download his pictures, weirdo".

At the end of the day, art is indeed subjective. However, logical arguments will always have their place in judging aspects such as creativity, effort, originality and so on. But I guess it's better to have XXK+ followers on instagram.

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