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Welcome to my new Website

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Welcome back, viewer. The same Calin Cosmin here. Well, actually no, the once again new and improved Calin Cosmin. Welcome to my new Website. As soon as I feel I made some progress I feel the need for a change in design as well, to better suit my current needs and purposes.

What's new?

Since the pandemic has crushed so many hopes and dreams for lots of people, I found myself on the safe side. However, artistically, the need for a change in direction has been clear to me ever since I have been cut off dramatically from the public person area... Celebrities protect themselves more than ever and photography is no longer such a big need. So I have (re)discovered Boudoir. Nude. Sincerity. Passion. Freedom. Feminine empowerment.

I have been so grateful to find the models to work with and to learn from each other a lot, a whole lot about art, sensuality, and connection. I have also been published for the first time and from the first attempt, into an international boudoir magazine. This is good. I am on the good track to create art which challenges the way the conservative Romanian mind works.

I became the first photographer in Romania to shoot nude in a public train and even in the effin subway. Because her and I can. Because I want to. Because she wants to. Nuff said. I still have a lot to learn about technical aspects, since a very creative mind and a beautiful lady are not enough.

What's next?

Even more of what I have already done. I expect to return soon to what I wanted most, celebrity photography. And I will continue making even more daring boudoir / nude projects. And I will publish more as well, making sure you, the Viewer, have yet another reason to return to


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