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The Nun

Probably the most appreciated project, having so far been featured in two publications and still receiving praises from the people who discover it. The Nun... the controversial nun.

Everyone with at least half a brain knows that religion is one of the most corrupted system in the world. Especially in Romania, where priests do not give a shit about people's health, even going as far as suing the state for banning pilgrimages. All this in the name of power and money. I happen to know very very few priests whom I deeply appreciated and love. The rest are a piece of shit and should die of Coronavirus.

Even so, this project was not an attack directed at the church. I would them an honor if I did that. This Nun is rediscovering her essence. Her true, feminine essence. She doesn't just take her clothes off. She gets rid of the brainwashing. She gets rid of the surplus. She is the Sister, carrying with her the contemporary sins.

She realized that behind all those useless clothes she was made for much more than this. The body is not sinful by nature. It is human. Natural. Religion has tried to make sex a sin but that is one of the most ridiculous things in history. Nobody should abandon their essence and instincts for a future life. Christianity is the denial of life. The denial of pleasure. But not for her.

This amazing beauty represents all the women who have forced into foreign concepts and ideologies and couldn't go away. This is a quest for freedom! And once she succeeds, she takes a shower with rose petals... but this time, she does not wash her brain. Or her sins... just the body.

She learnt a lot about herself through her journey in life. As I did from my artistic confession. This shall forever remain a very special project with a powerful imagery on digital, as well as on film...

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