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The beauty and the books

Books are the foundation of civilization. Or education... Or education based upon books. Obviously we are not stimulated to read anymore. We have everything we need at our fingertips, by the pressing of a button or a swipe on an electronic screen. So how could we change this?

Well, not by a photo session, that is for sure. Men won't start reading Sartre or Heidegger after seeing this beautiful girl. They will masturbate. With one hand. With the other they will type complaints about the composition, the lighting, the posture, the angle of the torso and so on... That's how it works. But this is fantasy. We can imagine people will actually start reading.

How do you sell something or make it more interesting? By adding a nude model. Or in lingerie. It is easy to control the animalistic nature of men. Or to pertain to it. Especially when done in a tasteful manner.

How about reading Dante Aligheri? (photo for the connoisseurs). Some BDSM elements apply.

Wonder what happened to the books in the background...?

Finally, ending the night in an elegant way. Because a good book always goes well with the finest wine.

Read a book.

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