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Nude in the Train

This is my first photography project that made 'history' in Romania. The first nude session in a train (official, legal, not candid). I have always been fascinated by trains. They are brave, cold, metal beasts that defy weather. All of this while having to carry all kinds of people. Poetry in motion. Never asking questions.

Romanian trains have a very bad reputation for always being late, dirty and smelly. Just like the fucking peasants on board. But that is CFR. This was not a CFR train. This is a modern train, being able to offer passenger better conditions that could qualify for the West. What better way to show tribute to such a beautiful and gentle machine than having Lady Carla on board? Wearing Eve's costume only.

This beautiful model is the perfect choice. She is professional, knows what she wants, she offers and she demands quality by her simply way of being. The story behind is quite easy. The train is driving at the trailblazing speed of 0kmph... She took a break. Or she reached her destination, we might never know. Her life is in itself a journey. From the outside, the 143 tons bulldozer is abandoned. From the inside, the entire Universe is on the move.

Lady Carla was quite a sight to see in front on the lens. Lots of people who embark on the train deserve to be thrown under the wheels. The others have their own stories to tell. This story, however, is one of beauty, defiance of time, love and elegance, which you can see on my video page: .

The combination of warm skin and cold metal is a lifetime experience and we can rest assured a part of her soul is still there to envelop the first passengers that will travel in the spring season, especially in the sleeping wagon...

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