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Nude in the Subway - History

I have always been impressed by cold metal beasts. Like trains. Or subways. They have to carry everyday all kinds of people. Metroul din România (the Romanian subway) is seeing every morning a lot of disgusting people, pushing each other to get a small place in an already crowded wagon. Well, fortunately, the virus is here now, so you do not see that as much.

Once inside, they look at their silly phones, consuming the latest vloggers / influencers posts, the number of daily cases, the number of likes their stupid duckfaces received and so on. Their heads are down, their spines are bent. They are heading to Pipera district, to type shitty lines of code nobody cares about, but they feel important for doing so. They are headed to the corporation, where they hope they receive a pat on the shoulder and a dick in their ass for a little bit more money or recognition. The funny thing is that they are all in a hurry but once they are at work they storm the balcony for a coffee and cigarette... Successful people couldn't care less. The others are in the traffic, honking even with no cars in front.

At the end of the day, the metal beast is left with a lot of dirt and misery before going into maintenance. This is where a beautiful lady comes in. A gracious, young, acrobatic, beautiful woman will always transform a place; it will "purify" it, make it look better, or even make it a home. This is how it all started. I always envisioned a project that no photographer would try to reproduce for quite some time. Even though some have done lingerie photos after 23:00, no one got a subway after midnight for their own pleasure. Those pussies have taken images without Metrorex's permission, not allowing enough time and dedication to settle in.

These guys will never know what it feels like to have an entire staff just for them, communicating via their stations to open this or that door, to turn on the lights, to reset the circuit and so on. I have been amazed by the way we have been treated. Metrorex team was extremely helpful and polite. One of the higher ups has created an Instagram account just to wait for the images. For a shitty folk like the Romanians, these guys are truly a sight to see...

In the words of the lady: "Și? Ce faceți? Voi vă plimbați vreodat[ la Gara de Nord la 1 noaptea în curul gol? *râde*" ( "So? How you doin'? Do you ever walk butt-naked at Gara de Nord at 01:00? *laughs*" ). This is my 2020 in one sentence. And the entire subway experience. Literally taking shots on the platform and running after a naked girl with a camera in hand. Well, this does not sound right out of context...

The best thing is that no one except for the girl can literally say she walked a platform completely nude. The poor innocent people who entered Gara de Nord station the next day had no idea what took place just 4 hours before. But they stepped into a more purified subway... one that made history. I have been very privileged to have this experience. Thank you, Irina, thank you, Metrorex, see you soon!

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