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Mathilda de Léon - Cosplay

Always wanted to have the pleasure of working with miss Daniela. She is extremely unique. She can tackle unusual projects with a versatility matched only by the contrast between her apparent innocence and visual delights.

But this time we kept it PG. More than PG. We realized how much she loves "Léon" and how great she would fit in Mathilda's shoes. Initially the props that she was supposed to use required some time to prepare (cannot say what they were)... And some legal aspects to settle, because this is what Cosmin does best. Pressured by time we kept it simple.

She is quarantined, you see... because it's needed. But she refuses to turn into a hikikomori like most software developer losers, who type away at a computer, playing Cyberpunk with their Darth Vader mini statues on their desks. She is passionate about photography. And about reading. Well... in the short film she read Reader's Digest, but trust us, she had plenty of other books around. She also likes watching the city of Paris.

When she gets bored, she exercises her spine using books... We already saw in the library photo session that books are the basis of society. They also help keeping your spine erect.

Not much to add. Daniela is something special, natural, green. The very short film can be found here (the camera had an accident during the shoot -- funny story):

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