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Abstract and Fruits - Front Cover

This is my first work which has been featured on the first page of a magazine (approximatively 10,000 printed copies). The magazine is called Fienfh and it can be purchased here:

It is difficult to create art with people who do not appreciate it (or do so superficially, ungratefully), or have never done it before, or with whom you have no chemistry. It is also difficult when you work with limited resources. Such as a hotel room with not much of a story to it.

Fortunately there are fruits in this world. Some strawberries. Some grapes (of wrath?). And a pineapple to top it off on the bottom of the model. And a pair of scissors. Just to make it more abstract. It was funny seeing the people of the crowded and disgusting city of Bucharest looking up on the balcony at the unusual appearance of a lady in black body gently biting the tip of the strawberry. If this was Instagram some revolted insecure male would have pressed the Report button.

This artistic session was done in a time where I was still using hotel rooms for doing it. However, the creative potential is somewhat limited and I am glad I transitioned very fast from that. Still, I am very proud of how this turned out. Especially since the hotel has a very very special meaning for this lady, so once again everything matched in the end.

Also, I recommend pineapples. But please don't ruin pizzas with it, hippies...

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